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Southwark Park Bandstand

Location: Southwark Park, SE16 2UA
PIANO WAS INSTALLED BUT IS NO LONGER HERE. The piano is unlikely to return. Apologies to those who’ve been seeking it out !

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  1. no chance of a replacement, i suppose ? Such a pity. This looked like a magnificent venue!
    Utter shame on someone!
  2. Very disappointing that it is gone. We travelled in to play it
  3. I'd love to hear news about this piano - I live round the corner and I'm dying to be able to go and tickle the ivories... Will this missing piano re-appear before the end of the presentation?
  4. We came, we sang, we had a cup of tea. This was the best "disappointed" I could get them to do. Best songs: "Give me Sunshine" and "Those were the days my friend".
  5. OMG!! I just heard that it's missing. and I'm meeting a dozen of my students (ladies between 60 and 90 years of age) at the bandstand tomorrow, with a pianist and songsheets. I'll have to post up some pictures of our inevitable disappointment. :o(

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