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Pianos in London:

St Mary Aldermary

Location: St Mary Aldermary, Corner of Queen Victoria St and Bow Lane, EC2

Piano available 10:30 - 15:30 weekdays, with exception Monday and Thursday services from 12.30 - 13:45

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  1. Hi James
    your 29piano composition sounds really great. If there's any way the final performance can be uploaded here as a you tube or Vimeo film, I'd love to see it. (I imagine lots of other streetpiano pilgrims may want to aswell)
    Such an inspired idea will surely make it through to the 'highlights page' (above) Good luck
  2. Hi Katherine

    Was nice to see you there

    The project we are working on is called 'Equal Temperance'
    It is a composition for 29 recorded pianos and 1 live piano written and improvised by myself and Keir Vine

    We have just updated a blog detailing the process which we will be adding more information too as the next two weeks of composition unfold.


    Take care

  3. finally met this one : just before service happened and the priest and verger were very polite and said 5 minutes if you don't mind : so i did thanks for your acceptance to my digits on the joanna !
  4. This was my first and probably only stop for today. The piano *still* needs a tune, unfortuantely. While all notes seem to work, there are some shocking sounds, particularly in the lower register. The Verger is trying to organise it but it probably won't happen until after 'Play me I'm Yours' winds up.

    The piano is all tucked away against a wall and the signs have been taken down, so it is very easy to miss - but that means it only gets discovered by hard core Street piano pilgrims! I was amused to find it sitting next to a lovely old organ, since someone that I was explaining the street piano concept to was wondering if we got to play organs as well. (I wish!)
    The church is lovely, with beautiful ceilings.

    As I left, 2 guys working on a recording and composition project tagged in - good luck guys, I look forward to hearing the finished product. :)

    Comparing the tuning of this piano to the one outside St Mary-le-bow sure was interesting...
  5. This piano needs a bit of a tune and the piano tuner is on his way!!
    (photo of the Verger- nice guy! )