Pianos in City of London:

Pianos in London:

St Mary-le-Bow

Location: St Mary-le-Bow churchyard, EC2

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  1. Morning - just thought that you might want to know - quite a lot of the keys on this piano don't play (broken or stuck hammers?) so your piano tuna might have a bit of work to do here!

    Great fun tho - I even got the early train this morning to have a bit of time to play.

    Thanks for the song books as well. My mind always goes blank.
  2. hands of a genius!
  3. Piano tuner is cycling round from one piano to the next. This piano will be tuned by the end of tomorrow.
  4. Klaus - the best piano delivery guy in London, having a tinkle !
  5. Brill - what fun - just wish I had more time to sit in the sun and play!

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