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Westbourne Triangle

Location: Westbourne Triangle, Westbourne Grove (opposite Tom’s Delicatessen, 226 Westbourne Grove), W11 2RH. To play 8am-6pm.

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  1. We spent a lovely hour here in the sun on Saturday afternoon enjoying some talented and enthusiastic playing. One of the brilliant things about this event - apart from the music - is the way it encourages complete strangers to start chatting and share the moment. We really enjoyed talking to George's mum, and to the very talented Jules and his fiancee.
  2. Caught Andrew Balkwill playing just off Portobello road. Really nice area with park benches to sit on to watch the musicians play. I recommend this spot to everyone, especially when the sun's shining like today!
  3. My second venue. 28 to go!
    What a charming venue, next to the florists and just down the road from my customer Manu at The Ledbury Restaurant. So kind of him to come down with Peter to watch listen and video the proceedings. The American guy before us singing and playing was great. Fortunately when he left most of his audience did too. Fortunately also for readers here, i haven't yet worked out how to upload my videao which Manu took. The playing was quite excruciating.
    But i love it, and watch out, i'm afraid a video is likely to appear soon .

    This is a lovely spot - deserves a few more pictures!
  4. The owners of the flower shop will lock the piano up at night. If shop is open and the piano is locked, ask them for the keys !
  5. just getting installed

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