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Westbourne Triangle

Location: Westbourne Triangle, Westbourne Grove (opposite Tom’s Delicatessen, 226 Westbourne Grove), W11 2RH. To play 8am-6pm.

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  1. Saturday 4th of July-

    This was one of those sunny days where everything goes right.
    Some very good pianists turned up.One of them played -'Bluesette'
    for me as I dont read music too well....The song,in a jazz-waltz time,
    seemed to overcome the soft and slightly out of tune sound of the piano...and was very pretty(I like pretty music)
    The equally good ' mysterious girl in white dress' (very pretty) played various classical pieces including a lovely one by Debussy....I just had to ask what it was called....
    A gentleman played-'Night Train' (Jimmy Forrest ?) ....various jazz items.
    Another player used an unusual method which involved a giant and dense ten-finger chord...from which jazzy sounds evolved and floated out in the summer air.
    The piano under the west way had a sharper sound...better tuned BUT the keys had to be pressed much harder.
    Naturally I forgot the flash card with the pictures on when i came to the internet cafe....so I'll upload them when im next here...i would be very glad to hear from any or all of the above players as i am very interested in pianos and music. email is:............................................... stephenworld000@live.co.uk
  2. I like to play Street Piano in London!!!!
  3. it is nice to see such a simple and creative project spreading happiness and joy amongst the people in London. Beautiful.
  4. nice one Jules : have to try that one : wish someone could could have shut that carl alarm off !
  5. katzenjammer play 24 streetpianos including this one!

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