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Barts Hospital

Barts Hospital Courtyard, EC1

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  1. Please keep the pianos there....we all love them, but some of us live too far away to get down at the right time±±±
  2. When we arrived, no one was playing, by the time my son finished, lots of people wanted a go and did inluding patients who we later made friends with. Please don't take the pianos away, they bring a sense of comunity to the city, a sense of comunity it hasnt had for a good few years now.
  3. I couldn't find the St Bartholomew's Hospital piano last weekend. But today, in order to play the last piano, I plucked up courage and followed the signs to the hospital and found the piano in the courtyard. I played it, thinking I should be playing quietly (or maybe I shouldn't be playing a piano here at all). I relinquished the piano seat to a woman with a mobile phone who could play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to her friend. Musicians are coming out of hiding in London!
  4. Monday 28th June a beautiful morning in London.
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