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Devonshire Square

Devonshire Square, Cutlers Gardens, EC2

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  1. Day 3, Piano #7

    I didn't realise this piano had been there for the whole year! Otherwise I'd have returned for a visit.
    It's definitely aged in sound and touch and appearance from the last time I visited it. The keys are looking pretty grubby, but it was still a lot of fun.
  2. Beautiful experience
  3. Fantastic to see the project again this year in London.

    Spent three hours walking around the city today to try as many pianos as possible. Some of them are surprisingly hard to find.

    I made the mistake of printing the map at a scale showing the whole 18 city wide locations thinking this would suffice. It took me about 20 minutes to find the one at Liverpool St. as it's hidden behind a pillar!

    Same with Devonshire Sq. Took ages searching around that complex of outdooer areas but I found it. I even noticed there was a second piano in the Western gardens as I was leaving.

    The Millenium bridge was another difficult one. I approached from the blackfriars area along St Pauls walk on the north bank of the river, went up on to the start of the bridge and nothing. The piano is actually 10 minutes walk away further up Peter's Hill walk after you cross back over Queen Victria St. towards St Pauls.

    Tip for next time. Closer scale map showing exact street locations or better still use of a sat. nav device.
  4. a good idea of having pianos in public .
  5. another one I played at Devonshire Square which I played on the piano which was left there after all the other pianos had gone!

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