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Fenchurch Street Station

Fenchurch Street Station, EC3

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  1. Totally unplanned, I decided to get off a C2C train from Fenchchurch street and walk to Bank to get the Central Line.
    I actually played on 2 pianos - bothe Fenchchurch street one and the one outside Bank - oh yes, the sound of the Fenchchurc street one is better!!! (but the keys were sticky....)

    AFTER I'd played (the short piece from Chopin in the book) - I realised that I made it on the last day!!!
    10 July 2010, 11:50ish pm!!!!
  2. one of the best pianos - top condition and a lovely tone -also constantly people streaming into and out of the station and the cabbies smile at you as they queue for customers!

    a group of tourists who were being given a tour of london were nearby when I played - the guide mentioned the piano and said "im not sure if the guy playing it is official - though he is quite good" - it was nice to have become a fixture in London - especially as I was playing my own music:
  3. The Fenchurch Street piano is so good for me - when I am too stressed at work, I clock out, and tinkle the ivories outside. Very stress-relieving.

    People tell me as I relinquish the piano stool to them how long it is since they played the piano, or that their parents used to play the piano. (I am impressed when people can use both hands to play the piano; my left hand is for one-finger chords on my keyboard). Then there are the seriously good pianists.

    One young man sat and explored the entire length of the piano keyboard, putting notes together, and listening to the combination. Then he tried another set of notes. It was very relaxing to watch and listen to; it was something my keyboard tutor told us to do.
  4. Another photo, albeit fuzzy, of my favourite night so far this project, this year.
  5. Day 2, Piano #4, Wednesday 23rd June 8pm ish - Midnight!

    I had no trouble locating this piano, since there was already a big crowd of revellers having a sing-a-long!
    And the sing-a-long kept on. People came and went, pianists came and went, and somehow the music kept going. The crowd didn't really thin until after 11pm. The musical repertoire varied from jazz classics to the Beatles and Elton John, to Beethoven and Miss Saigon. When I finally relinquished the keys sometime around midnight (to miss the last tube home), it was to another piano player and his friends.

    As an added bonus, this piano is in excellent shape. All keys are working and responsive, the pedal works fine, the sound projection is lovely and warm...*fingers crossed for no rain nor humidity to warp that sound.

    To everyone that was there that night, thanks so much - I had a blast!

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