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Liverpool Street Station

Liverpool Street Station, West Exit, EC2

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  1. There was this blonde girl there late one night few weeks ago- amazing...but then she ran off to get a train, almost mid song.. Any ideas who she was? Was she you?!! Great idea, hope it comes back next year. London R.O.C.K.S.
  2. What a surprise finding a piano here!...almost surreal...it's like find an old friend that was waiting for giving you his welcome.
    I played this piano entrusting it some answers to questions never done...
    Thanks for this opportunity, London !
  3. Alice playing her own composition at Liverpool Street
    Alice there are over 400 people on Facebook with your name! If you put this picture on your profile for a few days I'll look out for it and drop you a line.
  4. Video of my track "Love in the Metropolis" featuring street piano in this location - the bustle of liverpool street really goes with the meaning of this track

  5. i promise that after this one i will try and not let myself down as much any more when i publish things online. there isn't actually any point in my uploading this at all. but the point is, why did we even record this... since we have, there we are. i think... i need... a camera... with a decent sound recording device, huh . street pianos in london that is soo cool , they are here atm.
    thanks for watching, you only need the first couple minutes really, but in traditionally computer-illiterate vein i havent got a clue how to chop a quicktime video from my phone, so, you get a chance to see the whooooole thing.
    i definitely am planning on carrying on showcasing experiments of mine on youtube.
    but will try and make them look more glamorous in the future, it will be nicer to watch for you guys.

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