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London Wall

London Wall, corner of Moorgate, EC2

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  1. Cheers for the update Sue! :) I'll have a quick play at lunch.
  2. I popped by the London Wall piano on the way to work - and I can happily report she has been fixed overnight - most of the keys have their bounce back! :)

    She now sports more flowers, and ribbons to blow in the wind. Some may be a bit long and may annoy the serious pianists. She will now play a good tune again :)

    I enjoyed a little pootle / improvisation (both hands) before work! :)
  3. I agree, Steve, the London Wall piano is virtually unplayable now in the traditional sense.

    Having heard some good pianists on the pianos, I wanted to try improvising, to try to use both hands. I was initially disappointed when I arrived at this piano tonight; I helped the keys up (those that would come back up). Then I experimented with random chords, listening to the sonorous lower notes and the tinkly upper notes. After each combination of notes, I pulled the keys back up, and tried another set. It was different!

    The piano was sporting a flower when I visited. I am now appreciating the creativity in decorating pianos; that felt odd to me at first.
  4. The piano at London Wall is virtually unplayable now :(

    Booze and Water are not good for outdoor pianos....
  5. I was playing the London Wall piano last weekend when a cyclist came up, and asked about the piano. I relinquished the seat to him, told him about the other pianos dotted around the city, showed him my printout of the map so he could check out the website for himself. Then I sat on the grass to listen to him for a bit before wandering off to the Museum of London and Postman's Park. He told me he hadn't played for 15 years, but his music was good!

    That is one of the things that is so great about this project - complete strangers can talk to each other; this is not generally done in London!

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