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Middlesex Street Estate

Middlesex Street Estate, Petticoat Tower, E1

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  1. Trevor Crafer plays his blues classic, 'Blues like this' on Luke Jerram's Play Me I'm Yours street pianos
  2. Underneath the Arches...
  3. Hey there! I am an Berlin-Based artist, now living between London and Berlin and I think this street piano idea is really great!
    I played my new song "song for sea" on the piano at middlesex street estate. The EP is available in the UK on amazon and iTunes july 12th!
    Thank you for this great idea luke!
  4. The local kids, engrossed!
  5. I think the Middlesex Street Estate piano has a lovely tone. :) There seems to be an anxiety about it being here, but I think it is lovely that youngsters have an opportunity to play it. It is on my way to work from the station, and I intend to play it again another morning.

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