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Millennium Bridge

Millennium Bridge, Peter’s Hill, EC4

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  1. En Peter's Hill junto al Millenium Bridge.
  2. P2P delegation from Florida playing/singing A Thousand Miles
  3. I'd like to say a HUGE THANKS to the organisers of the City of London Festival for bringing the Streetpianos back for a second year.

    I only discovered them in past week and have listened to, sung and danced along with some extremely talented people.

    I was so inspired, I had my first piano lesson this weekend. Thanks to Donald last Saturday for taking me through some of the keys and making a little music. Hope you got around all the pianos you wanted.

    Great to see Fabian's video recorded piece. Hope your 16 hour journey back to Germany on the coach wasn't too unbearable. It was a pleasure meeting everyone I listened to, sang and danced with over the past few days and nights.

    This is exactly what communities would thrive on. Let's hope we don't have to wait a year to see another streetpiano.
  4. 12.45 am : tourist from India having a go
  5. tourists dancing at 1 am

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