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Museum of London

Museum of London, Nettleton Court, EC2

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  1. So I didnt get to go to Glastonbury in late June - but I did get to play on the piano with some wonderful people who decorated the piano as part of a project with the museum of london as part of a project with Capital A. We played music from Stevie Wonder (who was performing in Hyde Park the next day), to Abba, to Gershwin and I also played some of my own music you can hear here: www.myspace.com/redcablesunday passers by often stopped to listen and clap at the joyous sound and one talented harmonica player joined in!
  2. When I first came across the Museum of London piano, I felt confused; it was being decorated. (I had come up the escalator after the Postman’s Park piano.) So I walked along to the London Wall piano (and could not easily find the way down to street level.)

    I played her again tonight and looked at the beautiful decorations (this is the one with delicate green and pink keys).
  3. Mitchman - head to the entrace of the Museum of London (I assume there's only one). It's a beautiful piano - good luck!
  4. Wasn't sure how to find this one today.

    I approached from the London Wall piano and kept looking for turnings on the left as I got to the London Wall / Aldersgate roundabout but the only turning I could find was Monkwell Sq.

    I gave up after that. I was too tired. It was the end of my 3 hour piano trip so I headed for Barbican tube. Try again another day.
  5. I enjoyed playing this piano outside the museum of London on Sunday 27th. It was in the shade and it helped given that it was the hottest day this year, so far.

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