Pianos in London:

Paternoster Square

Paternoster Square, EC4

Piano available 7am – 7pm daily

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  1. I had such a great time playing the pianos, can't wait till next year.
  2. Filippo Papallo London Street Pianos 2010
  3. video for my track "warflowers" featuring street piano in original location - such a shame its been moved to an alleyway at the side now :(

  4. has this one disappeared?
    It had gone yesterday when i looked
  5. Part 1:-

    Day 5, Piano #11
    The green keys had me a little startled! (Sue I completely agree about the stickiness of the keys.)
    I always liked playing in this location though. And as I was playing this adorable troop of kids came by and were instantly drawn to the piano.

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