Pianos in London:

Paternoster Square

Paternoster Square, EC4

Piano available 7am – 7pm daily

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  1. Part 2:-

    I gave up my seat, and they proceeded to line up, single-file and each took their turn before giving up their seat to the next in line, all without instruction. So well-behaved and *sooo* cute*!
  2. Geweldig project. Op 21 verschillende plaatsen in Londen staan piano's waar iedereen op mag spelen. De lokatie's in het filmpje zij bij St Paul`s Cathedral en Paternoster Square. Zie www.streetpianos.co.uk
  3. Playing the piano and singing arias to a few people who gathered in the Square. We were actually visiting London to sing in a concert, so it was quite a nice addition to our musical day!
  4. The green painted keys felt sticky last weekend and were disorientating. I had to think to find middle C! Luckily we are wearing the green paint off. (Where did I see the piano with a light, delicate, sweet spraying of green paint at the top then pink in the middle?)

    It felt so right to play "Feed the birds" in Paternoster Square, next to St Paul's Cathedral :)
  5. Didn't get this guy's name, but he had us captivated for ages!

    Well Done!!!

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