Pianos in London:

St Mary-le-Bow

St Mary-le-Bow Church Yard, EC2

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  1. GB - I was playing the piano outside Mary-le-Bow during the evening of Thurs 8 July, so thank you for the kind words.

    Of course, you could be talking about someone playing before me, in which case I would feel a little bit silly!

    But it was a lovely piano (best one I found) and wonderfully resonant in that courtyard.
  2. The piano player at St Mary Le Bow on Thursday July 8th (picture above by Galuppi) was brilliant. This young man was generating a beautiful sound on the piano - it was a pleasure to be among the crowd who stopped and had the chance to hear him play.
  3. ...part of your world...
  4. This pianist brought the square to a standstill. He played without a break for long periods, apparently improvising. He seemed as engrossed as everyone gathered around him. I wonder how many people were late to their meetings that afternoon?!
  5. It was such a pleasure to play Chopin and some of my own compositions on a beautiful sunny London day.

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