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The Monument

The Monument, EC3

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  1. stunning location - shame the piano has quite a few dud notes - would have been great if the sustain pedal worked as it would ring out across the square.

    still, got some applause from the people sitting around it when I played my music

  2. this one is hardly playable, very bashed about now :(
  3. I play "Jesu, joy of man's desiring" in one of two keys (?is that the word?) When I play the Monument piano, I have to think where to start playing it, to try to avoid the notes I can't get to work. When playing from my music books, I sometimes play an octave down for the same reason, but then I change for fear people may think I don't know where middle C is. I love playing the Monument piano - it had been knocked over last weekend, but is now upright again.
  4. Trevor Crafer plays his blues classic 'Blues like this'
  5. A French student playing comptine dun autre été on Sunday the 27th of June

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