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The Monument

The Monument, EC3

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  1. A passer-by playing on one of London street pianos at the foot of The Monument.
  2. Day 1, Piano 1 - It was a brisk walk in the sunshine to get to this piano.
    It's beautifully located, in a lovely wide square and the Monument to look up at.

    There seemed to have been a bunch of chairs arranged in a big semi-circle around the piano? Some of those chairs had been turned around by the office workers in the area so that they could sit together, but there still seemed to be a sort of audience-space around the piano. It was potentially a little intimidating, but I just put my wobbly, unpractised fingers to the keys and had a play.

    It's a lovely piano - unlike some of the rest, the pedal works fine, the action of the keys is fine and the sound has a lot of weight.
    I spent a good 20 mins, so if anyone was hanging around waiting for a go, I'm so sorry, you should have kicked me off!

    Apologies to anyone out having their lunch in the sunshine that was forced to listen to me stumbling through. :)
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