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Millennium Bridge

Millennium Bridge, Peter’s Hill

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  1. Hi Katherine

    I am not sure if we are definatley talking about the same person - there is a picture posted of the man I am referring to with his back to the camera sharing the seat with a girl.

    If we are speaking about the same guy then we would be very happy to take your suggestion and go and chat to him and put our requests in as you are right it is the repetition of the same song that is getting frustrating.

    Thanks for your reply
  2. This gentleman was amazing.
  3. Hi Eleanor,

    I appreciate that working near the pianos must be frustrating when all sorts of sounds, not all musical, must be heard from them day-in-day-out. It's funny how the most irritating thing though is not hearing awful thumping, but hearing the same thing over, and over, and over.

    The young man you're referring to - do you mean Sam, the young red-head whose picture and video clip were been posted up earlier?
    I suggest that the next time you or your colleagues are feeling distressed about his playing, that you pop out and have a chat to him. Sam has a pretty extensive repertoire, and he will cheerfully change songs or take requests. The Millenium Bridge piano is a favourite location, but if you ask politely Sam can probably be convinced to shift to another location for a period of time.
    [In fact I can have a word with him the next time I see him.]
    He's certainly not attempting to busk, nor to plug anything - he just loves music, playing the piano and singing, and he loves this project. (As do I!)

    The purpose of the pianos as I understand it is to encourage Londoners/people to interact - with the pianos, with music, with each other. The music and the pianos are a medium, a talking point, not the end game. Hence my suggestion that next time, you speak to him (or anyone else that might be there). As long as you're polite, I'm sure you will not be badly received.

    Good luck! Hopefully this will be a not too unpleasant 3 weeks for you.

  4. I work 50 yards away from the piano and there is a young man (pictured above) who has been a regular on the piano playing and singing the same song over and over again. My work colleagues and I are getting more and more distressed and frustrated at hearing this noise all day long and are finding it a huge distraction from our work.

    While it is a nice idea, perhaps this man could learn some new material or give someone else a chance and stop plugging his own music and attempting to busk when surely this is not the purpose of the piano.
  5. Fairly quiet on the Streetpianos tonight but then the weather was unfavourable and it's only early in the week.

    Great to see them back for a third year by the way.

    I got to this one for about 21:00. This has probably been the most popular of pianos in previous years so I wanted to get there early on in the run before wear and tear takes its toll. Lovely piano to play and in great condition.

    Thanks to those foreign students by the way for supporting me.

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