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Millennium Bridge

Millennium Bridge, Peter’s Hill

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  1. With or without u.
  2. Amazing piano from 10-year-old boy
  3. 4yr old!!! playing great piano!
  4. We were going to include this one... but we couldn't find it....
  5. I stopped this evening around 6:30 to listen to a young man playing music that I think was from the soundtrack to a French movie (Chocolat? Amelie?). Since I didn't ask permission to post his photo, I've cropped the picture: you only see the musician's back as reflected in the big silver ball, and the back of his friend's head in the foreground.

    It was a warm and sunny evening, and three young Italians were playing on the spinny platform nearby. I sat on the steps and just listened, basking in a solitary but shared moment of quiet joy.

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