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Millennium Bridge

Millennium Bridge, Peter’s Hill

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  1. Something I composed in honour of the piano at Millenium Bridge. Fabrizia helped put the melody together.

    At the Millenium Bridge, there's a piano being played
    At the Millenium Bridge, there is music being made

    Once the keys are hit and a melody is heard
    Once a song is sung you'll be hanging on each word

    Passers by will stop when they hear some jazz or pop
    Cyclists on their bicyles will stop for something classical
    Kicking off their shoes when they hear the sound of blues

    Being played at the Millenium Bridge

    Millenium Bridge
    At the Millenium Bridge
    People playing the piano at Millenium Bridge
    A treat to your ears is what you get when you are here
    Everyone who sits and plays receives applause and cheers
    Playing piano at Millenium Bridge

    People's faces light up when they hear that piano sound
    There's a feeling of joy when there's music all around
    Once the playing starts you'll be wishing you could play
    Seeing the reaction how it takes the blues away
    Oh how much we wish that this piano could stay

    Here at Millenium Bridge.

    Let the piano stay is what we'd like to say
    3 weeks is just too short
    Won't you give it some thought
    The joy that it has brought
    Is one that can't be bought

    Hearing the piano at Millenium Bridge.
  2. Piano No.10 (half way!)
  3. Another great day at the Millenium Bridge Piano. Thanks to Fabrizia, Tom, Stewart and Jack (Paternoster Sq) and of course not forgetting Isabella.

    Oh I wish we could have one permanently based in the City. Perhaps it could be electronically raised from below the ground like these bollards to stop access. It could pay for itself in no time on a boris bicycle type hire system
  4. Played this piano on the way into work today - (I've been playing all of those that are in the city these past weeks - whenever I walk past. ) Amazing that this one is still in such great condition! All the keys seem to work. Well done for those who are protecting it from the elements.
  5. Beatles fan

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