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Play Me, I'm Yours

London: 2012

Play Me, I’m Yours is an artwork by UK artist Luke Jerram, which has been touring internationally since 2008.  More than 1500 pianos have now been installed in over 50 cities across the globe, from New York to London bearing the simple invitation Play Me, I’m Yours.  The project has reached more than 10 million people worldwide, with each new city that commissions the work becoming part of a growing legacy.

In 2012 the City of London Festival celebrated its golden anniversary on a grand scale, presenting Play Me, I’m Yours with 50 golden street pianos spread across London landmarks and beauty spots for three weeks, from 24 June until 13 July 2012. Most of these pianos were donated to good causes at the end of the presentation.  However, there are several Street Pianos still available to play in London: three at St Pancras International Station. These pianos are being regularly repaired and tuned courtesy of St Pancras Station Management team. There are three at Canary Wharf and one  at Herne Hill Railway Station, which is being cared for by local residents with support from Herne Hill ForumWatch this brilliant documentary about the Herne Hill piano.

This website was made for you to post and share your films, photos and stories about the pianos. Whilst documenting each piano’s journey, the website connects the pianos and their communities across the city and acts as a legacy for the artwork.  You can still post and/or view films, photos, and comments on this website.

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I found this piano at the St Pancras Station in London, it was a really nice experience.

June 14th. 23:09pm

Location: St Pancras Station

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Performing in Dunkel Cathedral. Highland Scotland.

May 5th. 10:47am

Location: Holland Park

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Rocket Man

Elton John played here too !! brilliant

February 5th. 12:15pm

Location: St Pancras Station

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This gentleman is called Denis. Playing all genres of music, I decided to have a chat with him. He was the most sweetest man I'd ever met and told me how he loved coming to play here in front of everyone. He said he was once playing a song and around 20 French women came out from the Eurostar and started to sing and dance around him. If you ever meet Denis, have a chat with him; he's wonderful.

January 18th. 13:55pm

Location: St Pancras Station

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Stephan Croix

Fantastic surprise for travellers arriving from Paris or Brussels to London. thanks Ben!

November 29th. 21:40pm

Location: St Pancras Station

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I just played Herne Hill piano. I was waiting half an hour for a Thameslink train when I heard a chord, a C major chord. I followed the chord and there was a guy trying to play Adele. I waited and after he left I played I Dreamed a Dream. I even attracted an audience and an round of applause. Someone said I made their day. Street piano is a dream come true. It also made my day. Now I am buzzing from it.

November 20th. 15:17pm

Location: Herne Hill

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