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Astor Place

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  1. My boyfriend Ed, improv-ing on the Astor Place piano
  2. Albert Cardone, 9, of Staten Island "I had to play fast because my dad was parked at a bus stop" ..."I could feel the subway trains under the street, it was really cool"
  3. Hello again. This is a reposted version of the video below. That one doesn't playback correctly. Please watch this one. Thanks! :)

    Note: Whoever has the power to take down the video below, please do so - thanks!

    And again, this project was so much fun! Hope you like it.
  4. very nice n jazzy this cat was a strong player and great attitude...play on bro play on...
  5. this duet didn't mind me lending an ear as i waited my turn...it was cool to watch them work it out...dig the shades man...

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