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Athens Square Park

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  1. Went with my son, a 5 year old budding pianist, to play the piano at Athens Square Park since it is the closest one to home. Imagine our horror upon finding the piano essentially destroyed. How to explain this to an innocent child? This violent act against an innocent piano is absolutely shameful. No wonder people look down on Queens. We can't even sustain an art installation for 2 weeks without it being destroyed in some way.
  2. First Impressions of broken piano howevder, stay tuned...every cloud has a silver lining and we can always "Sing for Hope"
  3. More "Fix the Piano Blues" Incidentally, Peter was the cameraman for this series.
  4. We composed the "I'm Going to Fix the Broken Piano"
  5. We got the local kids involved in composing the "Broken Piano Blues" It was magical!

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