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Battery Park

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  1. 7/4/10--Hi, Heather. Sorry for the delay in posting this picture. Hope you get to see it.
  2. 7/4/10--Day 5, 1st piano (around 4:40 p.m.) Here we met 11-year-old Heather (with glasses standing on the right) from Pittsburgh. Her mom recognized that Emily was playing pieces from Book 2 of Suzuki Piano School. Heather just finished her Book 3 recital.
  3. Having these pianos here in NYC was a fantastic idea!

    I only had the chance to play the piano in Battery Park once. Its was a little beat up, the sustain pedal didn't work, but it was in tune! While I was there I met some great musicians and heard some wonderful music. All of us patiently took turns playing and listening, which in busy NYC is a rarity. I was able to play a few songs, some originals and a couple of Beatle songs but I was almost moved to tears while listing to a guy who played a stunningly beautiful version of "Here, There and Anywhere."

    Please, please bring these pianos back next summer, and every summer !
  4. Ian Axel's NYC Street Piano Tour
  5. loved the breeze here

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