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  1. This was the most amazing experience I have ever had! I am from Alabama, and was in New York working for the summer, and was out looking for these pianos. I really think that this is a great way to support the arts!
  2. 7/5/10—Emily’s 6-day-5-borough “NYC Piano Tour” concluded here with a beautiful backdrop of sunset at the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Here’s what she wrote about this fun experience-- “This summer, Sing for Hope put 60 pianos all over the city. I visited 38 pianos and played 32 of them. The pianos were very pretty. Each one had different colors and designs. I enjoyed the views when I played. My favorite locations were the Gantry Plaza State Park at Long Island City, Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Riverside Park, Herald Square, Staten Island Ferry Terminal, and the Brooklyn Bridge Park. I almost won a hula hoop contest when I was waiting to play the piano at the South Beach of Staten Island. At Battery Park I met 11-year-old Heather from Pittsburg. I met 9-year-old Albert from Staten Island at the Ferry Terminal. I also met a pop/jazz composer from Austria at the last piano I played at the Brooklyn Bridge Park. It was cool to take a tour around the communities and meet piano players from different places. I wish those pianos were left out longer so I could play them all.” Thank you, Sing for Hope and Luke.
  3. 7/5/10—Day 6, 9th piano (around 7:50 p.m.) Here Emily met a jazz/pop composer (middle) from Austria.
  4. Thursday, July 8, 2010. After the "Annie Hall" screening in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

    Playing for a crowd of friends and strangers was such a treat! I fulfilled a dream that day and am so thankful that we were able to capture the entire concert on video.

    I learned this song on the ukulele and had never ever played it on the piano before. I was visualizing the uke chord changes in my head and translating them to the piano.

    Thank you to Luke Jerram, Sing for Hope, and all the volunteers. Thanks to Norberto Briceño for the camera and to Kenny Gordon for operating. I brightened, sharpened, and color corrected the picture in Final Cut Pro.
  5. What a treat - playing piano outdoors with the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop! I played the Star Spangled Banner just after the fireworks on July 4th. Great fun.. great exhibit!

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