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Cathedral of St. John the Divine

Cathedral of St. John the Divine: Amsterdam Ave. at 111th St.

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  1. Our band, Speed the Plough, decided to celebrate the 4th of July by heading over to the city and doing a little impromptu performance in the plaza adjacent to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. That's where one of those "Play Me I'm Yours" pianos was located. If you're not familiar, just Google it. Here's "Kentucky Moon." Our video is thanks to Katie Demeski.
  2. Albert Cardone, 9, of Staten island
  3. We traveled all the way from North Carolina to play the street pianos! We spent the fourth of July walking around Manhattan going to pianos. Luke Jerram was trying to create spontaneous community with his artwork, where the real art was the connections made between people around the pianos that otherwise would never have happened. We experienced this at each of the eight pianos we went to, in surprising and meaningful ways. I don't want to use this artwork as simply a means of self-promotion, because we came to share in the experience of the street pianos, not to use it as a tool for our own ends, but if you like our music and want to about our journey and the people we met and played music for and with (and see photos and watch video too), we've told the whole story on our band's blog:

    Thanks Luke, and thanks NYC!
  4. "Don't Let Go"
  5. When is the last day for this?

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