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Central Park: Dana Discovery Center

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  1. Thursday the 1st - afternoon. The Dana Discovery Center overlooking the Harlem Meers. Beautiful spot! The man in this picture played "Moonlight Sonata" with the kid in his lap.
  2. This cute little girl came along with her nanny and we sat at the piano for a bit and played.
  3. I had a great time playing on this piano for Make Music New York on June 21st. Ironic fact, I also played a bit of John Lennon's "Imagine" like Elizabeth Grimes, since someone requested it.

    This video is of me playing one of my original songs off of my new album, entitled "Suitcases." My music can be found on Itunes, and I am also on YouTube, MySpace, and Twitter.

    This piano installation is great!
  4. The little ones loved it!! We have a piano at home, but there's nothing like playing a purple piano al fresco in this great city of ours. LOVE this idea.
  5. I had an audience of 2 VERY sweet ladies! :) I played "Imagine" for them. This was fun!!!



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