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Columbus Park

17 stories & pictures about “Columbus Park”

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  1. On July 4th, I enjoyed listening to some friends performing show tunes.
    I played "Begin the Bequine" for a dancing couple. (the piano was missing a few important keys, but it was fun just the same).
  2. Mo Silver Plays "trance Opus 2" on pianos all over the city,
  3. sir elton meet one of your biggest fans she could really play those jams...wonderful talent and great spirit
  4. got a little crazy in da hood in front bklyn boro hall..that was fun...
  5. A parting shot of the piano at Columbus Park with Borough Hall in the background on Sunday, July 4th. So wonderful that the sounds of the piano carried far for people sitting on the steps of Borough Hall to hear. After I finished playing the piano, a woman and her daughter told me they recognized the song that I played from the musical RENT ("Your Eyes"). It was also a lot of fun to see a young toddler dance around to the first song I played. Loved it!

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