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Fordham Plaza

13 stories & pictures about “Fordham Plaza”

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  1. Sorry that this piano was locked. Please let us know if you would like to help unlocking or locking pianos as a piano buddy! For more information please email pianos.singforhope@gmail.com

  2. Arrived Sunday, June 27th and 12:20pm and found the piano locked!

    Please advise of the schedule so that I could "play it" Thanks.
  3. A big thanks to the man who agreed to snap a few shots as I did my off-the-cuff renditions of "Man in the Mirror", and "You Are Not Alone" in tribute to Michael Jackson's passing one year ago -- nice to be able to play for the people at Fordham Plaza.
  4. Played this piano in competition with the noisiest traffic I've had so far (cars that sounded like discos). Pretty piano, very Mondrian!
  5. Nice story about pianos of NY made by afp

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