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Madison Square Park

Unfortunately children have been playing this piano too hard. It looks like its now out of action. Nearest piano from this location is north at Greeley Square.

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  1. First stop of day three (7/2/10) of Emily's "piano tour". Wish we had the time to check out the website for each location before we went out for the tour. We would have skipped this location knowing the piano was removed.
  2. mediamanny53 | 25 June 2010

    On the sidewalks of New York ryhthm flows !
    A yearning inner musical soul
    wants liberation and a stage to
    perform on ! So play on and
    don't let yours dreams die,play cause you're heard my friends !
  3. Piano removed - but... there was one not on the list! @ Park Ave & 51st
  4. I was bummed this one got removed by the time I got to it. Oh well. Plenty more.
  5. Friend #4 I only got a few notes on Thursday 6/24 as the stuck keys outnumbered the black ones after running into a lot of difficulty finding it in Bridget's Garden.

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