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Seward Park

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  1. Early evening the 30th - we got there just as a band with bass and mandolin were packing up - hope they post their set. Anyway, the pianist was kind enough to play a terrific ragtime number for us!
  2. Friend #13 6/29 about 6.15 pm, I waited a little while for someone to come off the bench. Their take was decidedly rock, mine trying to find enough keys that worked. However instead of more traditional fare, the answer to playing this set was influenced more by the neighborhood children then by the piano. Fun with "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" in several transposed keys made answers to the question of what to play and what will play well and not stuck was the key answer.
  3. "Amanda" played 'Chopsticks' with me a little bit & did a great job learning it! Thanks, Jose', for being the photographer here with the Seward Park piano. ... It's a little worse for wear since Friday, & many keys aren't working now, but it's certainly lasted longer than a couple of others & I'm still grateful to have had one so close in this incarnation of the installation. Only 4 (or 5?) more days left ... !
  4. Tuesday, 6/29, sole player hitting solo keys, but then broke into something a little more Latin feeling...
  5. Jazz/Rock Singer/Songwriter Jennifer Lee Snowden on her journey to play all 29 Manhattan painted pianos for "Play Me I'm Yours" on the New York City Streets. Here in South Street Seaport!

    Read the blog, listen to the music, see the videos and catch the press at http://jenniferleesnowden.wordpress.com

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