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Staten Island Ferry Terminal

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  1. 7/3/10--Day 4, 4th piano (around 8:05 p.m.) Here we met 9-year old Albert from S. I. (back to the camera).
  2. The piano at the Ferry had it's run, but it helped Albert Cardone, 9, of West Brighton Staten Island prepare for his day at the Ballpark next to the Ferry.....Thanks Luke....this was a great experience for our son and fun for the family. We live in New York City and never get to see it....UNTIL NOW !!!! Thank You from Ann & Al Cardone
  3. the best piano player!
  4. On a hot summer day, best friends, Motown recording artist Ginette Claudette and Jessica Ashley toured the city performing Alicia Keyes' "Unthinkable" for unsuspecting New Yorkers and tourists.
  5. Please visit www.theNYCminute.com to view a montage of Chopin's Minute Waltz played by Vadim Ghin on all the street pianos from "Play Me I'm Yours - NYC 2010"

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