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TriBeCa Park (2 pianos here)

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  1. Happy music times at Tribeca Park, July 3rd, 2010, double piano playing and singing... beautiful afternoon

  2. TriBeCa Park. Dueling pianos - very cool! On the right - music student who was very good. On the left - small child in scooter helmet slamming keys!

    It was pretty cute because she got up to leave and walked around to his side and once she saw him playing she ran back over to hers!
  3. It's Tuesday afternoon 6/29 and it's 1.30 in the afternoon, not much time to play, it's Lunch hour after all, but the twin pianos, Friends #11-12, each of them had different ideas. One sounded better, the other felt better to me. The Yellow one played more home and comfortable, The brown admitted slightly off tune when I played it, but with stronger more assertive action.
  4. I'm used to playing inside at recitals in an air conditioned room, with these bright lights on you and everyone's quiet, but playing outside in the city was such a different feel. I loved it, and I loved my applause at the end of my song! Thank you, New York!
  5. This is so much fun.
    Always good when your walking for a couple hours and then you just sit down and jam. Gotta love improv
    I wish these pianos would stay out longer then july 5

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