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Van Cortlandt Park

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  1. This was the first of 11 pianos I played in NYC. It was severely damaged when I got there, but I played one note, so there! My Dad was actually born in the Bronx + used to shine shoes at the old Yankee Stadium, while his mom lived across from the Bronx Zoo on Boston Rd. until she passed away, so I have fond memories of going to the Bronx as a kid. I once drove from Clark, NJ, over the Cross Bronx, with my Dad w/only my NJ learner's permit way back in the 80's. That was quite the harrowing experience (not to mention illegal, but that's a different story.) Back to today - I got to the park after my wife dropped me off in White Plains on her way to work, and I took Metro-North to 224th St. (only 3 bucks!) After I got off the train, I walked towards the NE corner of the park, asked some people where the piano was, but no one knew. I finally had to take the #4 bus down to Gun Hill Rd. It was my first time on a NYC bus, but I had the incredible good fortune to have a fellow rider from Serbia insert his MetroCard for me when I only had change for the MetroCard-only fare. My Dad would have flipped if he knew this gesture happened where he grew up. Anyway, I got off the bus and found the pavillion where this piano was (again, thanks to the Serbian man), thus being able to play the one note. Quite the auspicious beginning to my quest to play at least one piano in every borough. Next up - Lincoln Center
  2. To view montage of Chopin's Minute Waltz played by Vadim Ghin on all the street pianos from "Play Me I'm Yours - NYC 2010" please visit: www.theNYCminute.com
  3. Sadly, this piano was damaged too badly to play. :(

  4. Awesome and Fun
  5. Awesome and Fun

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