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Willoughby Plaza

14 stories & pictures about “Willoughby Plaza”

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  1. Friend # 25 7/1 sunset

    Waited for an adlib who knew some classical music to finish.

    I took my turn wandering from S&G, to Grieg to Mozart to remember a small section of the middle section of Moonlight (the D flat section). FInally getting this piano at an open time. Good for morale. Huzzah!
  2. This is me, playing @ the piano here, with people singing along & dancing to the song "Proud Mary". Spent the whole afternoon with 2 of these 3 people, along with other fans.
  3. Okay, so I saw the Texas Tornadoes play in Brooklyn the other night, and I was inspired to play "Before the Next Teardrop Falls." Love you Freddy!!!

  4. Question: what "unofficial" hours is the piano open? I have looked in on this piano at points the last three days (6/26-6/28) and have been greeted with the "boo and whistle" of padlocks denying access to the wonderful world of music. Has there been an issue here? Otherwise a very offbeat spot (Willoughby and Adams) to put one not two blocks from the Borough Hall piano.
  5. Willoughby Plaza on my way home from work

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