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Paseo de San Antonio 3

This piano has now moved to the San Jose Amory

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  1. Killin' it.
  2. Hi everyone, thank you for your comments about this piano. The previous post mentioned the piano was moved, and that is in fact correct - this piano can be found just across the street near the San Jose Rep. I hope that now the residents of the apartment complex will enjoy the project and not be disturbed.
  3. Well, it's still doesn't solve the problem people that are living nearby that don't want to be hammered by piano music throughout their day, which is perfectly understandable. They serve better in an area that's public but not near apartments where it could disturb others who may not appreciate the constant playing.

    Either way, I think it's still around, just moved further down the road near theater and the former Hawg's.
  4. I saw so much joy and collaborative efforts from this location and feel it's a shame to lose it. This can be easily resolved by a simple lock which I figured all the pianos might have, which can be managed happily by Philz Coffee!!! WE LOVE THIS and to lose it is a true miss...
  5. Hey there, where's the piano, it was there today and now it's gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What's up with that?

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