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Location: Australia Square, 264-278 George Street, Sydney

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  1. no. 5 of 12 on my trip, place was deserted at that time and the acoustics in that space were very amazing, loved how it was hidden around the back, all have been auxilurating moments in sound and feel.
  2. Me and a mate thought it'd be a good idea to have a bit of fun with the concept =)

    presenting the Mime and the Blindfold Pianist
  3. brendie bendie on the piano playing cold chisel
    zoe on vocals
    simon/ gbomb attempting the Ukulele-

    And Mattisse...
    ting tings- on the triangles???
  4. The keys were a little dirty and the pedals didn't work but it was ok apart from those minor problems. I played Heart and Soul and Ecossaise fur Militarmusik-Beethoven. Played there twice.
  5. Charlotte playing for the ASQ crowd

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