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Darcy Street

Location: Darcy St Bus Stop, Parramatta

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  1. My friend and I frequented this piano, doing our best to connect with passersby on their way out of the station. One of the most beautiful things is to sing and play music with other people, regardless of who they are.
  2. Over the last two weeks i have loved listening to how much people love this piano. Not only that, but i have really enjoyed being regarded as a caretaker, rather than as an artist. In this project i have tried to maintain the spirit in which these piano's have been given to the people of Sydney and Parramatta. The lines of tape began as a reference to a mondrian painting, with its abstract reference to music and rhythm, but as time passes the lines become like a recording mechanism, or temporal reference points. The paper is meant to encourage people to write, then i keep pasting paper over the top so that more can be written. i try to leave gaps so that you can partially see the history of the locals tags and drawings. thank you to all the locals for their names, tag's, sentiments and their drawings.
  3. they should really have brought them to all around australia or at least a couple in every state. cause I;m gonna miss out and would have loved having a go on them..anyways awesome idea though.:)
  4. I still need more people to tag, and draw and post stuff....pleeease?
  5. Many thanks to those who have drawn on and tagged the piano! This is one of my favourites.

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