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George Street Construction Site

Location: 420 George St, Sydney (not publicly accessible)

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  1. This piano is staying put after the festival.
  2. All kitted up!
    This was a tricky piano to tune and working to the sound of cement trucks didn't make it any easier!
  3. its been great to hear the people play the piano at the bovis lend lease construction site. as with the music timing is everthing if we can fit you in we will( p.s its just been tunned) talk to traffic control at george st but its always busy &noisey be warned!
  4. I want to give a RECITAL for ther Construction Workers!
    Recital will feature: Mozart. Beethoven, My own works , Philip Glass, Debussy (without pussy) and more..

    Make a time... ?
  5. What an excellent idea. I would never have thought it possible. Someone out there is a kind considerate person, to think of the people that build.
    Congrats, enjoy it guys you deserve some music in what can be such a hard place to work

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