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Location: 186 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe, Sydney

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  1. no.12 of 12 pianos i played & recorded on, originally i set out to play 10 so was happy to get to 12, loved the paint job & the action to this one is similar to my own at home, was a amazing experience to play on such a wide variety of pianos in amazing locations. will be putting up pieces over time on as well as photos. thanks to my beautiful love claudia for her awesome photography & help to get around. love u lots babe thanks and thanks to the sydney festival for bringing music from the people to the people.
  2. Glad you like it , Luke . We think it is pretty special.
    Cheers from the Glebe Library gals.
  3. looks even better than before! Well done guys
  4. Naomi's brother is called Joseph ! Her husband Adrian and 3yr old daughter , Susannah , were all helping. Doesn't it look fabulous.
    Now we just need someone to come and put the lid back on so the keys are not exposed - any carpenters out there who could volunteer?
  5. Thank You to Naomi and Co(Brother).
    The piano has been having a wonderful time, with more people tinkering the keys.

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