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Location: Hernandez, 1 Burton Street, Darlinghurst

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  1. went to this sunday morning but was also gone so it seems it was trashed people also like to play trashed pianos to no need to cart it away
  2. Hi Everyone,

    sadness on Oxford Square...this piano seems to have gotten into a fight last night and was not the last man standing. We've had to take it away.
    Thanks to all who loved and played and painted this piano.
  3. Hi Michelle,

    Nice to hear from you. Linda, from Hernandez, obliged me also with a chair. If I may, ... to the piano tuner (Hi Brother, but I can't remember your name, I do apologise), methinks this piano is in some SERIOUS need of help before others can continue to en"JOY" it. Something is caught between the hammers in the high (above 'top C') register. As the piano is locked I wasn't able to check it out for myself.

    Also, to the FESTIVAL ORGANISERS, some irreconcilable comments have been addressed to me on the QVB cite. I assure you that this is, to me, more than intellectually opaque!

    All the Very Best Brother Tuner (no doubt we'll bump into each other again), Neilhoven. Michelle, see you for Coffee!

    :-) "ZING"...
  4. Hey Neil, looks like the cafe is happy to help out with chairs....
  5. Artist Gini Vecerina took to this piano with paint and charcoal....

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