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The Illustrated Man

Location: The Illustrated Man tattoo parlour, 228a Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills, Sydney

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  1. the tattoo shop was the 1st in a line of 12 street pianos i set out to play across the last weekend of january, was a nice piano with nice action, the recording is amazing with background tattoo guns buzzing away.
  2. This piano likes its home so much, its staying here.
  3. thanks to the staff for being so accommodating yesterday afternoon (Tues). apologies to staff and customers for having to endure my disjointed playing -- they really must have a high pain threshold ;)
  4. A nice suprise to walk in and see one of the pianos at the Illustrated Man. So awesome to be able to bang out a few chords, then get my tattoo done!
  5. Just wanted to say what a truly marvelous idea it is to have pianos around our beautiful city. Music truly is a universal language going straight to the hearts of people. I am honoured to have the opportunity to play all around sydney. An opportunity for me to play my compositions, which so far have been loved by all. Peace and Love to everyone.

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