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Parramatta PCYC

Location: Police Community Youth Club (PCYC), 12 Hassall Street, Parramatta

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  1. Just to prove how BLUE it is. When we said play some Blues guys, we didn't mean with a paint brush. well done.
  2. Yep, It definitely is now Blue. But no blues being played on it, just heaps of classical. Awesome initiative, well done Streetpianos. We've had a huge range of people from all walks of life and playing abilities jump on and give it a go. This afternoon we had 2 extremly talented young immagrants from the english learning centre jump on, and WOW! They were awesome. And it just kept going with another very talented office worker walking past and showing his stuff. Keep it up guys. We might have to run a piano play off contest at the end of the two weeks.
  3. haha i was there when we painted it
    its now blue =]
  4. Installed and ready to be painted and played by the community at the PCYC

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