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Peace Park Chippendale

Location: Peace Park, Myrtle St, Chippendale, Sydney

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  1. walked all around in the heat on friday arvo trying to find this one, now i know why, spewing should have left it as is though is more to piano than just keys
  2. Chippo can now get some sleep.
    I am sorry about the demise of the piano, and it was great hearing the
    tunes coming from the piano - but the tunes didn't sound so lovely in the middle of the night and early morning.
  3. awwww. The piano's gone : - ( We structured drinks at the Rose around a sunday sing a long....totally psyched for piano!).

    I had such a nice play on this piano on Saturday night the week before - and some nice chats with innocent bystanders too. Ah well. Off to Glebe Library one i guess!

    That's a bit sad. Great project though.
  4. Hi Myrtlelanders and everyone in Chippo,

    Unfortunately in the wee hours of Saturday morning some one smashed open the piano and the piano key board cover (and played it to the annoyance of many residents). We came out to have a look on Saturday morning and given its state, and the impossibility of repair, we had to remove the piano. We were really sad to have to do was a much loved piano.
  5. Hey, we arrived back from a long drive today to find our piano has gone missing. Please tell us it has just gone on a brief holiday out of the heat and will be back tomorrow .... anyone know what happened?

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