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Queen Victoria Building Square

Location: 455 George Street, Sydney

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  1. no. 10 of 12 i played, this was also pretty trashed and only about 10 keys worked in the mids section, but played anyway, inside through a whole in the front someone had reached in side and snapped all the hammers off, just because u cant doesnt mean you have to destroy it for others. again i love ruined pianos and the piece i recorded was sounds wicked.
  2. its dead :(
  3. Once again "Hurt" - still have no idea about what you're talking about, now or before - ?
  4. Enjoyed hopping around town plinking on these.
  5. I painted this piano and was amazed by how many people came up to me as I was doing it., the 7.30 report camera crew came and interviewed me.

    the idea behind my project was 'the Green piano' it was painted with blue, yellow and green food colourings in a white base and had a small port jackson bonsai figtree planted in the top of it.
    it represented the trees that made up the piano coming back to life with the music played by the people.
    hope you liked it...

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