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Victoria Park Pool

Location: Victoria Park Pool, City Rd, Camperdown NSW 2050

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  1. the pool was the 2nd in 12 i played across the last weekend, was a beautiful spot to play with families & kids running everywhere and enjoying the water, was nice piano to play and is also a amzing recording. thanks to the staff for letting me in for free to play it.
  2. This piano is staying at the pool!
  3. I think this is an amazing idea! I got out of the pool and then had the pleasure of playing a piano... and i had been wondering why i could hear a piano the whole time it was there..

    i think all the pianos should stay!
  4. What a beautiful concept! Pianos for all! My daughter Meara and I are photographed here at Victoria Pool. We swam and played all afternoon and had such fun! Thanks!!
  5. Brown and boring the piano was almost invisible when I arrived. I attached the instructions 'Play me I'm yours' and a small crowd gathered. I got out the spray cans and the children got very excited! Finally I asked "who'll be the first to play this one then?" Hands shot up and the oldest girl sat down to play...
    Her mother said " all that money and years of lessons are finally paying off! " Her friends were amazed to watch.