Station Tilburg

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  1. Social gathering.
  2. “As I see through the foggy window,
    My hand reaches for that one friend.
    If ever I think back, on that particular moment,
    I think of joy happiness, and even laughter.

    But now, after so many years,
    I wonder what has happened to you.
    My best mate in the Whole World,
    Searching for that one friend.

    But no one, I mean no one,
    Could ever stand in for you.
    You were a miracle,
    who fell from the sky,
    Just to make me happy, in bad times.

    No I wonder if that is you that I saw,
    Just now, in this class.
    But if you are, would you tell,
    And would you stay this time?”
  3. nog een dan..
  4. natuurlijk ook een foto van eigen werk..
  5. Druk op het station! Helaas viel het geluid van de piano een beetje weg tegen de ruis van bus, trein en auto...

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