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China Town Gates

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  1. I recently had a visit from my in-laws from Singapore. As a pianist i made good use of the pianos around the city of Adelaide. I shared many nice moments with friends family and total strangers.

    One night after spending the day out with my fiancee and her family, i ended up having a sing-a-long with the guitarist from Motörhead, Phil Campbell, which was surreal. We ended up getting free tickets to their show, and back stage passes.

    A few days after that, on the same piano on Gouger street, i was spotted by an editor from ABC TV, and they did a short story on me for the 730 report South Australia.

    Thank you for your pianos, and for the exciting and lovely experiences they helped create :)
  2. On the Friday evening after the Come Out parade, we were out and about on Gouger St when we spotted a Come Out ‘Play Me’ piano. An old guy, by the name of Alan Patterson, was playing ‘As Time Goes By’ in a suit and an old ‘40s style hat. We couldn't resist and began what became a 30-40min sing-along of every jazz standard known under the sun. He knew them all! At one point a group of girls aged 10-13years joined us; it was the Portside Youth group. A number of them played little classical pieces they had learnt, and played them very well I might add. With Alan back at the keys I suggested they join us in a song – how about ‘Amazing Grace’? Yes they knew that one, and Alan chimed in, “Well I am an old Scotsman!” So we launched into a few beautiful choruses of Amazing Grace, on Gouger St, all three generations of revelers. It had truly been an amazing day at the parade, followed by this amazing night. Thank You Come Out!
  3. Andrew Giles plays a stunning first six bars and can't remember the rest.
  4. Thanks Come Out . This final piece drew quite a crowd - on and off the piano.
  5. This is a popular episode of my favourite Chinese musical movie " The Secret" which was played on 25th of March, 2011 in North Terrace, in front of Adelaide University, South Australia.

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