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Semaphore Foreshore

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  1. Thanks, but look at the front and rear where someone has tried to unsecure it. I think it should be put in a more seure place.
  2. Hi Joanie - Our repairer has taken the action out of the piano to be fixed (hence why it doesn't play!) It will be back today! Hope you enjoy it when it is back and playing beautifully!
  3. So sad that it has been vandalised, to beyond repair as doesn't play at all. Mind you leaving it out at semaphore at night was only asking for trouble
  4. Hi All, Just thought I would share with you that the piano is being repaired today, and should be playable again very soon!
  5. 2nd Piano the kids have played on in the streets of Adelaide but they were really disappointed that this one was damaged.
    Please look after the pianos everyone.

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